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Formulation type: EC
Composition: Cyhalotrin 20%‎
Description: Cylofly 20 is used to control flies around cattle, sheep and goats, and on horses and their ‎surroundings. The product may also be used around milking cows, sheep and goats.‎ Houseflies (Musca domestica) bother animals and transmit the contagious ‎keratoconjunctivitis inflammation among cattle, sheep and goats. Blood-sucking flies ‎cause, among other things, summer hives (Urticaria) in horses with an allergic reaction ‎to fly bites. Treatment with Cylofly 20 may significantly minimize these phe

Around cattle, sheep and goats: Dilute 1 L of Cylofly 20 in 400 L water, or 25 ml Cylofly 20 in 10 L water. Spray 1-2 L emulsion per 1 sq.m. of living space and repeat every 7-14 days, as needed.

Spraying on horses: Dilute 1 L Cylofly 20 in 800 L water, or 25 ml in 10 L water. Spray the horse's back and legs with 1 L emulsion and repeat every 7-14 days, as needed. Avoid spraying in the horse's eyes and mouth.


  • Avoid spraying the product on hay and feeding vessels.
  • Always use freshly-made emulsion.
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD.
Packing: 1 Liter
Sherutim Veterinarim: 205
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