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    Acarithin powder is used to control mites and lice in poultry. The product is effective in ‎the control of feather mites (Knemidocoptes gallinae) and fowl mites even after a single ‎application.‎
  • ‏ ‏CYLOFLY 20‎

    Cylofly 20 is used to control flies around cattle, sheep and goats, and on horses and their ‎surroundings. The product may also be used around milking cows, sheep and goats.‎ Houseflies (Musca domestica) bother animals and transmit the contagious ‎keratoconjunctivitis inflammation among cattle, sheep and goats. Blood-sucking flies ‎cause, among other things, summer hives (Urticaria) in horses with an allergic reaction ‎to fly bites. Treatment with Cylofly 20 may significantly minimize these phe
  • ‏ACARITHIN ‎20

    ‎: Acarithin 20 is used to control mites in laying hens only. The product is effective in the ‎control of tropical fowl mites (Ornithonyssus buras) and feather mites (Knemidocoptes) ‎even after a single spraying, with no side effects on Reproduction.‎

    Cyrokal is an insect growth regulator (I.G.R.) that inhibits the growth and development of ‎larvae to the adult stage and results in their extermination. As a result of this mechanism, ‎the number of larvae that pupate decreases and the vulnerability of hatching and pupating ‎larvae increases. The product is designed for use at fly incubation sites on agricultural ‎farms: hen houses, stys, cattle sheds, garbage heaps and other locations that are prone ‎to fly incubation on agricultural farms.‎

    Galoprid is an insecticide of the neonicotinoid group that acts as a stomach and contract ‎toxin and is used to control Alphitobius diaperinus in empty hen houses.‎
Formulation type: Emulsifiable concentrate
Composition: ‎11.3% Permethrin (3:1 cis-trans ratio) + 41.7% PBO synergist‎
Description: For the control of flies in empty henhouses and cow sheds and in their immediate ‎vicinity. ‎

Apply the product only in structures that are empty of any animals. Do not spray on animal feed.

Be sure to clean the structure from all waste and bedding before treatment since as brooding places for flies. Apply the product only after the henhouse or cow shed has been flushed.

Dosage: Dilute with water at a ratio of 1:00, i.e. 1 liter Premethrol Plus per 10 liters water (or 50 ml per 5 liters water).

Spray the prepared emulsion on the floor and walls up to 1 m high, using 1 L emulsion per 20 sq.m. Repeat treatment every 7-14 days according to need.

Do not store prepared emulsion. Use only freshly prepared emulsion.

Before spraying in cow sheds, be sure to close the milk covers and cover all milking apparatus.

_SacanotLasviva: • Very toxic to aquatic organisms. May have long-term, detrimental effects on ‎aquatic environments. Do not pollute reservoirs.‎ • Very toxic to bees
Manufacturer: Tapazol
Packing: ‎0.5, 1 liter‎
Sherutim Veterinarim: ‎1183‎
Re-entry: After 6 hours.‎
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