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    For the control of brown rot in orchards. and bacterial black rot in mangoes. Also against peacock eye disease in olives.

    Skipper is a systemic fungicide, used for control of diseases on field crops, orchards, vegetables and flowers.
  • OMER ‎


    Dry disinfection powder for prevention of seed and sprout disease during ‎germination and emergence.‎

    Used to control rust in plums and to disinfect Gladiola bulbs.‎
  • TIRPA - ON

    Tirpa-On is a protectant fungicide used to treat wheat seeds in seed facilities using ‎the slurry method.‎

    Diamond is a Systemic morpholide preparation used in the control of Phytophthora ‎infestans (late blight) in potatoes and tomatoes and Plasmopara viticola (downy ‎mildew) in grapes.‎

    Skipper is a systemic triazole product that inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol ‎and is used to control diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops and flowers.‎

    A systemic triazole fungicide that inhibits biosynthesis of ergosterol.‎
  • ZEUS

    Zeus is a systemic and translaminar strobilurin fungicide used to control foliage and ‎soil diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops, vineyards and herbs.‎

For the control of fungi and mites

Formulation type: SC
Composition: ‎720 g/L Chlorothalonil‎
CropFungusDosage (ml/dunam)Last application (days before harvest)Notes
TomatoStemphylium botryosum, Phyllocopturuta


2003Preventive treatment in intervals of 7-10 days.
Phytophthora infestans,

Alternaria solani

200 +

Cymox 100 gr /1


Cymox 70 gr

Diamond  50/1


CucumberPseudoperonospora cubensis2002
Botrytis cinerea2350
PeanutsCercosporidium personatum20030Max. 4 applications per season
CelerySeptoria apiicola, Cercospora apii2507-
CarrotAlternaria dauci, Oidium sp.17514
Onion3Stemphylium botryosum35021
ChickpeasAscochyta150-200521Spray before every rainfall
Peas for industry200
AlmondAnthracnose0.15%, with spray volume that ensures covering of foliage30Apply from onset of blossoming and onward, before every rainfall
ChivesStemphylium botryosum20021-
Coriander, dill, mint, parsleyCercospora sp., Peronospora sp.200-

1)    To control existing disease.

2)    Alternate spraying with other product with specific action against Botrytis cinerea.

3)    When used in onions to control Stemphylium botryosum – for best results, spray using a motorized backpack blower with outlet about 50 cm above foliage, aimed at target located about 1.5 m. away. Spray in a back-and-forth motion.

4)    In wheat - Do not let animals graze for 5 weeks after last application.

5)    Use low dosage when no infestation in present in the field and high dosage when infestation is present.

Combinations: Barak may be combined with the following products (subject to the instructions on ‎label):‎ •Tomato: Curzate, Skipper.‎ •Potato: Skipper, Kodkod, Curzate.‎ •Chickpeas: Thionex, Atlas.‎
_SacanotLasviva: Very toxic to aquatic organisms‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol lts.
Toxicty degree: IV (Dangerous)‎
Packing: ‎1, 5, 10 liters.‎
UN number: ‎3082‎
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎4095/P.P./2011‎
Re-entry: After 48 hours.‎
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