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    Oxygal is activated from autumn until spring by sprinkling or by rain.‎ The product prevents emerging of the weeds listed below, for an extended period of ‎time, depending on the season and dosage, and eliminates weeds up to 10 cm ‎high (with the exception of Gramineae whose emergence only is prevented):‎ ‎1.‎Broad-leaved weeds: Euphorbia heterophylla, Ribes nigrum, Abutilon, ‎Convolvulus (from seed), Xanthium, Datura, Malva, Lavatera, Amaranthus, ‎Portulaca, Chrozophora tinctoria, Persicaria,
  • FASTER ‎

    Faster is a general, non-selective herbicide that eliminates existing annual and ‎perennial weeds upon contact. The product does not prevent sprouting of weeds or ‎cultivated plants. The product is absorbed through the green parts of the plant and is ‎not absorbed through the roots.‎ Perennials are sprayed at the peak of growth, during or close to blossoming. Annual ‎weeds are sprayed at end of sprouting. For maximum efficiency, sufficient foliage ‎surface area is required to absorb the product
  • STAR

    Star prevents the emergence of most annual, broad-leaved and Gramineae weeds. ‎Large-seed legumes, Compositae and Apiaceae weeds are only moderately ‎sensitive to the product and their emergence cannot be prevented at dosages lower ‎than 500 ml/dunam. Sprouts of weeds that are susceptible to the product are ‎scorched to the degree of total elimination. The reaction of the plant to contact with ‎the product depends on its species and age. Malva, Fumaria, Amaranthus and ‎Portulaca, for instance, a

    A hormonal herbicide that acts on the - shoot apex-. -controls - Malva, beet root, ‎Cruciferae, Amaranthus, Chenopodium, Convolvulus, -and inhibits Cuscuta
  • FALCON ‎

    Falcon has-a unique action herbicidal action that -inhibits the photosynthesis ‎process by affecting the weed's carotenoids synthesis and chlorophyll oxidation ‎process.‎ Weeds - susceptible to the product are bleached and eliminated shortly after the ‎product is applied. Falcon is absorbed by the weed's foliage,roots and seedlings. ‎To use the product to prevent sprouting, the soil must be wet (irrigation or rain). After ‎sprouting, Falcon is used mainly to complete the elimination of o

    Hunter is absorbed by the weed's root system and is transported systemically within ‎the plant. The product is activated after its incorporation into the soil by rain or ‎irrigation. The effect on weeds is not immediately apparent; Hunter remains in the ‎soil for an extended time depending on dosage, soil type, irrigation method and ‎water quantities. The product may leave long-term residues, which must be taken ‎into account during application and when re-designating the soil –uprooting ‎previ

    Liron is a residual herbicide that prevents emergence and eliminates annual weeds ‎up to 5-8 cm high on contact (but does not prevent or eliminate Conyza, Lolium and ‎Apiaceae).‎ Liron is suitable for the selective elimination of weeds before emergence and can ‎sometimes be used to eliminate existing weeds. It is therefore possible to use Liron ‎on areas that are weed-free or where weeds have begun to emerge.‎

    Metro is a selective herbicide used to eliminate Gramineae and broad-leaved ‎weeds in potatoes and carrots and to prevent emergence. Weeds that are resistant ‎to Triazines will be resistant to the product as well.‎ Affected weeds include: various types of Amaranthus, Portulaca oleracea, various ‎types of Chenopodium, Cruciferae (Sinapis arvensis, Diplotaxis), Malva, ‎Heliotropium, Ammi majus, Fumaria, Emex spinosa, Conyza bonariensis, wheat, ‎Avena sterilis, Lolium rigidum.‎

    Platoon acts on susceptible plants like a hormonal substance and causes ‎distortions and folding of the leaves and young growth. The product is selective ‎towards some agricultural crops. It penetrates through the green foliage and affects ‎the root system. Susceptible plants include Rubus sanguineus, Cynanchum acutum, ‎Convolvulus arvensis, Prosopis farcta, Solanum elaeagnifolium, Solanum nigrum, ‎Alhagi maurorum, Asparagus aphyllus, Polygonum equisetiforme, Xanthium ‎strumarium, Galium aparine

    Promo is a selective herbicide from the amide family. The product is absorbed by ‎the roots of susceptible weeds and it eliminates mostly Gramineae plants. Promo ‎eliminates and prevents the emergence of annual Gramineae grass sprouts and in ‎higher dosages minimizes and inhibits the emergence of Fumaria, Malva, ‎Chenopodium, Urtica, wild beet, Amaranthus, Cruciferae and Cuscuta. For use in ‎winter only.‎

    Tavor is a herbicide composed of two selective active ingredients that complement ‎each other's method of action: Oxyfluofen, which is absorbed by the foliage and ‎affects the photosynthesis process in annual broad-leaved weeds, and ‎propyzamide, a selective Amide herbicide that inhibits cell division. The product is ‎absorbed by susceptible weeds and mainly eliminates Gramineae weeds.‎ Weeds eliminated by Tavor: After activation by sprinkling or rain, Tavor will ‎prevent the emergence of the

    Top-Gan is a selective herbicide designed to eliminate annual Gramineae weeds in ‎wheat. The product contains two active ingredients – a herbicide and a selectivity ‎enhancer – at a 4:1 ratio. ‎ The product, which has systemic action and is applied after the emergence of the ‎weeds, begins to take effect 1-2 days after application,The young leaves turn yellow ‎and die first, followed gradually by the more mature leaves. ‎ The product does not act via the soil and so weeds that emerge after app

General herbicide

Formulation type: Liquid concentrate
Composition: ‎480 g/L Glyphosate IPA salt ‎
Description: Typhoon is a systemic herbicide for use in the elimination of existing weeds ‎excluding Lamium, Urtica, Malva, Prosopis and Alhagi.‎ Typhoon is absorbed by the plant's foliage and is transported to the various parts of ‎the plant, including those under the ground. Response time to the product depends ‎on the weather and on the condition of the treated weed.‎ After spraying of perennial weeds, avoid any processing of the soil that may ‎damage weeds in the treated area for at least 7 days. ‎ R
HRAC ClassAction MechanismChemical Family
GInhibits EPSP syntase




1. Elimination of weeds in citrus and fruit groves:

CropWeedProduct conc.Dosage (ml/dunam)Notes
In spray volume  10 (L/dunam)In spray volume 30 (L/dunam)
From 3 years and onward: Pear, peach, mango, pecan, almond, plum, apple, olive, and persimmon. From 1 year and onward: Citrus, avocado, apricot, litchi, kiwi, quince, nectarine, loquat, sweet cherry, and datesAnnuals up to 10 cm high1% + 0.5% TAP surfactant0.5%150To prevent emergence of annual weeds in avocado, Typhoon may be combined1 with Diurex  or Simanex (- emulsion) or Amigan
Annuals up to 40 cm. high1.5%1%200-300
Malva11% + 0.25% Goal--
Convolvulus, Prosopis, Alhagi4%1% + 2%

Albar Super

or 0.5% Starane

Sorghum halepense3%1%250-300
Cynodon dactylon3%2%500

1)    As recommended and specified on the added product's label.

2.  Elimination of weeds in non-agricultural areas:

TargetWeedProduct conc.Spray volume (L/dunam)Notes
Road sides, yardsAnnuals up to 40 cm. high1.5%20To prevent emergence, combine with Simanex (SC) or Diurex (SC).
Road sides, fallow fields, drainage canalsPaspalum1.5%30-50Spray when weeds are at onset of blooming. To eliminate renewing weeds, spray again.
Desmostachya bipinnata3%
Sorghum halepense2%
Cynodon dactylon2%



3. Elimination of weeds before crops and vegetables and in vineyards

CropWeedDosage (ml/dunam)Application timeSpray volume
Before summer crops: Cotton, melons, peanuts, corn and vegetablesAnnuals up to 10 cm. high100 + 0.5% TAP surfactantBefore or after sowing and before planting. Do not spray after pre-irrigation. Do not spray for 2 weeks before planting except in sandy soils that contain less than 10% clayOn ground: 10-15 L/dunam

From air: 5 L/dunam

Annuals up to 40 cm. high150 + 0.5% TAP surfactant
Before sowing of summer crops:

Cotton, melons, peanuts, corn and vegetables


Cynodon dactylon, Sorghum halepense, Convolvulus, Cyperus rotundus with developed foliage

(5% at focuses- )
When soil is ready for sowing and after sowing (not for planting). Do not spray after - pre-irrigationexcept in sandy soils that contain less than 10% clay.On ground:

10 L/dunam

Sorghum halepense only300
(3% at - focuses)
Combinations: To eliminate a wide variety of existing weeds, Typhoon may be combined with ‎Albar Super and Starane, according to crops listed on the added: products' labels.‎ When combined with products that prevent emergence or with Platoon and Albar ‎Super, follow instructions on products' labels regarding permitted crops, dosages, ‎application times and safety precautions.
_SacanotLasviva: Toxic to fish.‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD
Export: citrus, avocado, persimmon, plum, apricot, peach.
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: 1, 5, 10, 25 , 200 Liter
UN number: Not classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‏1210‏‎/P.P./1993‎
Re-entry: After 12 Hours.
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