Protectant and systemic products against disease in vegetables, fruits, flowers and seed dressing for cereals and flowers


Copper-based product for the prevention and control of plant diseases

For the control of brown rot in orchards. and bacterial black rot in mangoes. Also against peacock eye disease in olives.

Composition: ‎80% Copper Sulphate (equivalent to 20% metallic copper)‎


Skipper is a systemic fungicide, used for control of diseases on field crops, orchards, vegetables and flowers.

Composition: Difenconazole 250 gr/l



A systemic fungicide for use in the control of Oidium and Oidiopsis in various crops‎

Composition: ‎100 g/L Penconazole ‎


For dry disinfection of seeds

Dry disinfection powder for prevention of seed and sprout disease during ‎germination and emergence.‎

Composition: ‎50% Thiram (TMTD)‎


Used to control rust in plums and to disinfect Gladiola bulbs.‎

Composition: Thiram (TMTD) 80%‎‏ ‏


For disinfection of wheat seeds

Tirpa-On is a protectant fungicide used to treat wheat seeds in seed facilities using ‎the slurry method.‎

Composition: Thiram (TMTD) 75%‎


For the control of fungi and mites

Composition: ‎720 g/L Chlorothalonil‎


Diamond is a Systemic morpholide preparation used in the control of Phytophthora ‎infestans (late blight) in potatoes and tomatoes and Plasmopara viticola (downy ‎mildew) in grapes.‎

Composition: ‎500 g/L Dimethomorph‎


Skipper is a systemic triazole product that inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol ‎and is used to control diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops and flowers.‎

Composition: ‎250 g/L Difenoconazole ‎


For disease control in vegetables, orchards and field crops

A systemic triazole fungicide that inhibits biosynthesis of ergosterol.‎

Composition: ‎100 g/L Cyproconazole ‎


Zeus is a systemic and translaminar strobilurin fungicide used to control foliage and ‎soil diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops, vineyards and herbs.‎

Composition: ‎250 g/L Azoxystrobin‎

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  • STAR

    A herbicide that prevents the emergence of annual weeds in fruit groves, vegetables ‎and flowers

    An oil used that breaks dormancy and eliminates pests

    new combination with Alphanol Super in Golden appel

    For the control of flies in empty henhouses and cow sheds and in their immediate ‎vicinity. ‎

    A winter oil that accelerates awakening in pear and apple and eliminates Psylla ‎pyricola in pear
  • FASTER ‎

    A general herbicide that is absorbed through the foliage. For use in the control of ‎weeds in citrus and fruit groves, vineyards and fallow fields.‎
  • BIF

    BIF is a quick-action pesticide for the elimination of ants both indoors and outdoors.‎
  • CYPAZOL 20‎

    An insecticide for the elimination of cockroaches, mature flies and other insects.‎

    I.G.R. that inhibits the growth and development of ‎larvae to the adult stage and results in their extermination

    Herbicide for use in carrots and potatoes

    herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds after ‎emergence in fruit orchards, field crops and fallow fields

    Winter oil used to break dormancy ‎

    insect growth regulator designed to control insects in various crops.
  • ‏ ‏PERFECT

    Perfect is effective in the control of insects and mites in Variety of crops.
  • ZEUS

    fungicide for control foliage and ‎soil diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops, vineyards and herbs.‎

    Pro-Gel is a cockroach control product that can be used in residential, commercial, ‎industrial and other areas.