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    For the control of brown rot in orchards. and bacterial black rot in mangoes. Also against peacock eye disease in olives.
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    Dry disinfection powder for prevention of seed and sprout disease during ‎germination and emergence.‎

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    Diamond is a Systemic morpholide preparation used in the control of Phytophthora ‎infestans (late blight) in potatoes and tomatoes and Plasmopara viticola (downy ‎mildew) in grapes.‎

    Skipper is a systemic triazole product that inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol ‎and is used to control diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops and flowers.‎

    A systemic triazole fungicide that inhibits biosynthesis of ergosterol.‎
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    Zeus is a systemic and translaminar strobilurin fungicide used to control foliage and ‎soil diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops, vineyards and herbs.‎
Formulation type: emulsifiable concentrate
Composition: Difenconazole 250 gr/l
Description: Skipper is a systemic fungicide, used for control of diseases on field crops, orchards, vegetables and flowers.
Precautions: 1.Use P.V.C. protective goggles during the treatment. Wear long work clothing, closed work shoes and gloves. 2. Avoid entering the cloud of the spray. 3) No eating, drinking and smoking during the treatment
Observation: The products may cause irritation of the eyes and sensibility to light.
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD.
Storage: The product has to be stored only in its original packaging, in a locked storage adequate for pesticides, far form the reach of children, food and unauthorized persons.
Toxicty degree: IV
Packing: 1, 5 Liter
UN number: 3082
Registr no. at PPIS: 1889
Re-entry: til drying of the product
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