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    For the control of brown rot in orchards. and bacterial black rot in mangoes. Also against peacock eye disease in olives.

    Skipper is a systemic fungicide, used for control of diseases on field crops, orchards, vegetables and flowers.
  • OMER ‎


    Dry disinfection powder for prevention of seed and sprout disease during ‎germination and emergence.‎
  • TIRPA - ON

    Tirpa-On is a protectant fungicide used to treat wheat seeds in seed facilities using ‎the slurry method.‎


    Diamond is a Systemic morpholide preparation used in the control of Phytophthora ‎infestans (late blight) in potatoes and tomatoes and Plasmopara viticola (downy ‎mildew) in grapes.‎

    Skipper is a systemic triazole product that inhibits the biosynthesis of ergosterol ‎and is used to control diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops and flowers.‎

    A systemic triazole fungicide that inhibits biosynthesis of ergosterol.‎
  • ZEUS

    Zeus is a systemic and translaminar strobilurin fungicide used to control foliage and ‎soil diseases in vegetables, orchards, field crops, vineyards and herbs.‎
Formulation type: WP
Composition: Thiram (TMTD) 80%‎‏ ‏
Description: Used to control rust in plums and to disinfect Gladiola bulbs.‎


  1. Rust in plums – 0.15%, spray until dripping wet.
  2. Disinfection of Gladiola bulbs – to control dry rot, Tirpa 1% may be mixed with other disinfectants, Soak the bulbs for 30 minutes.
Combinations: Tirpa may be combined with most pesticides except preparations with alkali ‎reaction, such as lime or calcium polysulfide. ‎
_SacanotLasviva: Toxic to fish.‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD.
Toxicty degree: IV (Dangerous)‎
Packing: ‎5 liters.‎
UN number: ‎3077‎
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎835/P.P./1963‎
Misrad Haganat Hasviva: ‎835/P.P./1963‎
Re-entry: After 24 hours.‎
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