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    An oil used that breaks dormancy and eliminates pests

    Alfanol is a growth agent that mimics the action of Auxin and is used to thin, reduce ‎creasing, and increase fruit size in citrus. The product is also used to increase fruit ‎size in olives, to postpone ripening in palms, and to prevent premature dropping in ‎apples.‎

  • MAGNUM ‎

    Magnum is a growth regulator that inhibits the production of the growth hormone ‎gibberellin. The product is transported through the plant's lignin and acts on its ‎growth loci causing excessive proximity between new growth joints. The sprayed ‎product is absorbed by the plant's foliage as well as by its root system‎


    Winner is used to bring about early, uniform and enhanced blossoming in apple, ‎pear and plum trees.‎

For thinning of fruit in apples

Formulation type: Wet Powder
Composition: ‎10% Naphthaleneacetamid (NAD)‎‏ ‏


VarietyDosage Dilamide (g/1000 L water)Application timeNotes


500-600 g (50-60 ppm) + surfactant*3 days after full blossomingDosage recommended for uniform blossoming
300-400 g (30-40 ppm) + surfactant*3 days after full blossoming at each tierDosage recommended for continuous blossoming that comes in waves and progresses by tier. Direct spray towards blossoming tier. Wait at least one week between applications.
800-1000 g (80-100 ppm) + surfactant*3 days after full blossomingDosage recommended for plentiful blossoming
Jonathan400-500 g (40-50 ppm) + surfactant*3 days after full blossomingFruit is naturally small, so thin as early as possible. Use lower dosage to avoid over-thinning.

3 days after full blossoming (1-3 days after petals drop)

Reduce spraying volume where over-thinning might occur. Do not use chemical thinning when blossoming occurs in extreme hot and dry weather.
Red Delicious, Starking DeliciousDuring ripening (1-3 days after petals drop)Due to the alternating nature of this variety in terms of annual yield, the grove should be sprayed selectively. Spray the upper, sun-exposed part of the tree.

Note: Surfactant – Triton X-100 conc. 0.025% (= 250 ml surfactant per 1000 L water).



VarietyObjective of treatmentDosage of active ingredient (ppm, g, ml)Application timeNotes and spray volume
DilamideAlfanol Super
GoldenThin blossoms and fruit600-800 g/1000 L water (60-80 ppm)100-150 ml/1000 L water (20-30 ppm)3-7 days after full blossoming
  • Use higher dosage for plentiful blossoming
  • Use lower dosage for medium blossoming
  • Do not spray trees that are under stress
  • Do not spray trees with thin blossoming or poor ripening
  • Direct spraying towards upper two thirds of tree
  • Combine with surfactant Triton X-100, 0.025% of spray volume
  • Spray volume should not exceed 120 L/dunam


Note: Surfactant – Triton X-100 conc. 0.025% (= 250 ml surfactant per 1000 L water).

Attention: 100 g Dilamide in 1000 L water is equivalent to 10 ppm active ingredient.

Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD.
Storage: The product has to be stored in its original packaging in a locked storage for pesticides, far from the reach of children, food and unauthorized people..
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: 2 Kg.
UN number: Not classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‏376‏‎/P.P./‎‏1976‏
Re-entry: After 24 hours.‎
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