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Formulation type: Liquid concentrate
Composition: ‎50 g/L Uniconazole ‎
Description: Magnum is a growth regulator that inhibits the production of the growth hormone ‎gibberellin. The product is transported through the plant's lignin and acts on its ‎growth loci causing excessive proximity between new growth joints. The sprayed ‎product is absorbed by the plant's foliage as well as by its root system‎

a. Application in avocado:

CropVarietyApplication timeConc. (% vol.)Application methodSpray volume (L/


Mature avocado

(to increase yield in low-yield groves)

Pinkerton1st application – peak of early blossoming0.7Spraying100


2nd application – end of blossoming0.3
EttingerPeak of late blossoming until end of blossoming0.7
HassPeak of blossoming on early blossoming side0.8
FuertePeak of blossoming on early blossoming side1
End of blossoming0.25


Application times in avocado:

  1. Peak of early blossoming – at least one open flower on every inflorescence on the early blossoming side.
  2. Peak of late blossoming – at least one open flower on every inflorescence on the late blossoming side.
  3. End of blossoming – still closed flowers (about 5%) on the late blossoming side.



  1. Do not combine Magnum with other pesticides.
  2. Do not combine UP 50 with surfactants – harmful to blossoms.
  3. If sprayed only once during blossoming period, Magnum may be combined with 2% UP 50.
  4. If sprayed twice, like in the Pinkerton variety, the first application will be with 2% UP 50 and will be executed at the peak of early blossoming. The second spraying will be done with an anionic surfactant at the end of blossoming, without adding UP 50.
  5. In any case of combination, also consider the use and safety instructions specified on the additional product's label.



  1. Application in ornamental plants and planters:


CropObjective of treatmentApplication timeApplication methodConc.
(% vol.)
Spray volume (L/



Well established in garden

Growth regulationDuring vigorous growthSpraying0.3100Until dripping
Planted plants in nurseries: Fuchsia, Balsamina, Poinsettia, Chrysanthemumto control growth and increase blossomingAfter


0.01-0.04-Dosage will be determined for each species according to local experience.
For good wetting of foliage, use 1 L spray per 10 sq.m. (100 L/dunam)




  1. Since the product is also absorbed by the plant's root system, do not apply on groves that are destined to be uprooted within 3 years so as avoid inhibition of growth in subsequent crops. Gramineae crops are less sensitive to the product, thus it is recommended to sow Gramineae crops and avoid sowing broad-leaved crops for at least two years after the uprooting of groves that have been treated.
  2. Do not apply to weak trees or trees under stress conditions.
  3. Do not spray in hot and dry weather or when hot and dry weather is expected.
  4. Spray at night if possible.
  5. Do not use this product more than once per season.
_SacanotLasviva: Toxic to fish.
Manufacturer: Tapazol
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: ‎1, 5 liters‎
UN number: Not classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎4012/P.P./2010‎
Re-entry: After 12 hours.‎
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