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    An oil used that breaks dormancy and eliminates pests

    Alfanol is a growth agent that mimics the action of Auxin and is used to thin, reduce ‎creasing, and increase fruit size in citrus. The product is also used to increase fruit ‎size in olives, to postpone ripening in palms, and to prevent premature dropping in ‎apples.‎


  • MAGNUM ‎

    Magnum is a growth regulator that inhibits the production of the growth hormone ‎gibberellin. The product is transported through the plant's lignin and acts on its ‎growth loci causing excessive proximity between new growth joints. The sprayed ‎product is absorbed by the plant's foliage as well as by its root system‎

A winter oil that enhances the awakening of apple, pear and plum trees

Formulation type: Emulsifiable concentrate
Composition: Winter oil + 6 g/L Ethephon
Description: Winner is used to bring about early, uniform and enhanced blossoming in apple, ‎pear and plum trees.‎
(% vol.)
נפח תרסיס
מועד הריסוס
PlumBlack Amber, Castleman, Sun Gold, Wickson5%100-200Before swelling of tubers and in any case, no later than mid-February
European plumSagiv-
PearSpadona, Costia-Before swelling of tubers and no later than February 25th.
AppleGolden, Orleans, Anna, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Starking, Top Red, Royal Gala-Before swelling of tubers and no later than March 5th-10th.


Treatment timing: After achieving 70% of the cooling requirements for the various varieties and species. Effectiveness of treatment increases when temperature is around 22˚C for two days after spraying.


  1. Moisture and dryness: It is dangerous to spray this product under stress conditions resulting from extreme moisture or dryness. Thus, if there was not enough rain, saturate root system before applying the product. Do not spray grove when soil is over-saturated with water since the product might damage the sprayed trees. Spray only in healthy groves with well-drained soil in which tree growth in previous year was good.
  2. Weather conditions: Do not spray when exceptionally hot and dry or when such conditions are expected after spraying. This is especially important in Red Delicious apples.
  3. Condition of trees: Weak trees are sensitive to winter oil and so must not be sprayed. Young trees are also susceptible and so dosage must be reduced if they are to be sprayed.
  4. Do not combine with Alzodef.
  5. Do not spray more than once a year.
_SacanotLasviva: Toxic to fish and bees.‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: ‎20, 25, 200 liters‎
UN number: Not classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎1629/P.P./2001‎
Re-entry: After spray is dry‎
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