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    Alfanol is a growth agent that mimics the action of Auxin and is used to thin, reduce ‎creasing, and increase fruit size in citrus. The product is also used to increase fruit ‎size in olives, to postpone ripening in palms, and to prevent premature dropping in ‎apples.‎


  • MAGNUM ‎

    Magnum is a growth regulator that inhibits the production of the growth hormone ‎gibberellin. The product is transported through the plant's lignin and acts on its ‎growth loci causing excessive proximity between new growth joints. The sprayed ‎product is absorbed by the plant's foliage as well as by its root system‎


    Winner is used to bring about early, uniform and enhanced blossoming in apple, ‎pear and plum trees.‎

Approved for use in organic agriculture

Formulation type: Emulsifiable concentrate
Composition: ‎830 g/L Paraffin oil (narrow distillation range)‎
Description: An oil used that breaks dormancy and eliminates pests


CropConc.Spray volume (L/dunam)Application timeNotes
Apple2%100-200Pre-awakeningFor the elimination of Panonychus ulmi eggs
Apple and pear2%-3%1Before swelling of tubersIn combination with liquid cyanamide products 0.25%-0.5% (Duramax/Dorcy)2
Pear (Costia, Spadona)0.3%According to pest prevalenceFor the elimination of Psylla pyricola  combine with 0.075% Romectin2

1)    Use lower dosage in apple and pear for light awakening and higher dosage for intensive awakening.

2)    Use in combination according to instructions on the added product's label.



  1. Do not spray weak trees from any variety or species. When spraying young trees, reduce product dosage.
  2. Do not apply Winterzol after applying Merpan (captan) unless 6 weeks have passed.
  3. Do not spray at dosages higher than specified on label.
  4. Do not spray when trees are wet from rain or dew.
  5. Do not spray fruit groves that are under stress conditions.
  6. Do not spray when temperature exceeds 28˚C or when dry and extreme weather is expected.
  7. Make sure to mix while spraying.
  8. Irrigate before and after spraying.
  9. Do the Last spraying 2 weeks before estimated harvest date.
_SacanotLasviva: Toxic to fish and aquatic organisms. Mildly toxic to bees.‎
Observation: Organic Agriculture License No.: 7095‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: 25, 200 Liters
UN number: 3082
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎1442/P.P./1997‎
Re-entry: After spray is dry.‎
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