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  • TP-2222

    TP-2222 is used to eliminate mosquito larvae of the species found in Israel, in ‎contaminated water bodies where fishing is prohibited and in oxidation and ‎sedimentation pools. The product is fast-acting and results are obtained ‎immediately upon covering the surface with the oil.‎
  • ‏ ‏PERMETHROL 20 ‎‎

    An insecticide used to flies, mosquitos and other mature flying insects.‎
  • ‏ ‏PERMETHROL 25‎

    For the elimination of flying insects, flies and mosquitos, crawling insects, ‎cockroaches and ants.‎
  • BIF

    BIF is a quick-action pesticide for the elimination of ants both indoors and outdoors.‎

    A pesticide for the control of cockroaches and other crawling insects as ‎well as flies and other flying insects.‎

    Pro-Gel is a cockroach control product that can be used in residential, commercial, ‎industrial and other areas. When used in places were food is handled (prepared, ‎produced, processed or stored), Pro-Gel may be used only in cracks and crevices ‎that are not in surfaces on which food is prepared or stored. Pro-Gel is effective in ‎the control of various cockroach species such as Blatella germanica, Blata ‎orientalis and Periplaneta americana.‎
Formulation type: EC
Composition: ‎200 g/L Cypermerthrin (pyrethroid)‎ Primary solvent: Organic
Description: An insecticide for the elimination of cockroaches, mature flies and other insects.‎

Fill sprayer to half its volume with water, add the required amount of Cypazol 20, and complete volume with water. Shake well.


InsectMethodSolvent% active ingredientDilutionSolution dosage (volume per area unit)
CockroachesSprayingWater0.2100 ml/10 L1 L/20 sq.m.
Mature flies, other flying insects0.150 ml/10 L1 L/50 sq.m.

Instructions for the control of cockroaches:

Make sure the spray penetrates grooves along baseboards, beneath sinks, behind and beneath refrigerators, in control manholes of the sewage system, and any other potential hiding place.

Instructions for the control of bees:
Spray on windows, walls, floor and other resting places. Repeat treatment according to infestation test results.

Manufacturer: Tapazol
Packing: ‎1 liter‎
Misrad Haganat Hasviva: ‎489‎
Re-entry: After 6 hours.‎
Crawling & Flying Insects
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