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    An insecticide for the elimination of cockroaches, mature flies and other insects.‎
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    TP-2222 is used to eliminate mosquito larvae of the species found in Israel, in ‎contaminated water bodies where fishing is prohibited and in oxidation and ‎sedimentation pools. The product is fast-acting and results are obtained ‎immediately upon covering the surface with the oil.‎
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    Pro-Gel is a cockroach control product that can be used in residential, commercial, ‎industrial and other areas. When used in places were food is handled (prepared, ‎produced, processed or stored), Pro-Gel may be used only in cracks and crevices ‎that are not in surfaces on which food is prepared or stored. Pro-Gel is effective in ‎the control of various cockroach species such as Blatella germanica, Blata ‎orientalis and Periplaneta americana.‎
Formulation type: Aqueous suspo-emulsion
Composition: ‎2.5% Deltamethrin, 2% S-bioalethrin
Description: A pesticide for the control of cockroaches and other crawling insects as ‎well as flies and other flying insects.‎


InsectConc. active ingredientQuantity in 5 L waterQuantity of diluted product per area unit
Cockroaches, bedbug and other crawling insects0.045%50 ml5 L solution / 100 sq.m.
Flies and other flying insects0.036%40 ml


Instructions for the control of flying insects:

Spray the flying insects' resting places uniformly, and only when there is no wind.

Instructions for the control of crawling insects:

Make sure the spray penetrates grooves along baseboards, beneath sinks, behind and beneath refrigerators, in control manholes of the sewage system, and any other potential hiding place.



  • Shake product in its original packaging before diluting with water.
  • Dilute the product only in water.
  • Prepare fresh solution before every application.
  • Remove or cover aquariums.
Manufacturer: Tapazol
Packing: ‎1 liter‎
Misrad Haganat Hasviva: ‎487‎
Re-entry: After 1 hour.‎
Crawling & Flying Insects
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