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Formulation type: Emulsifiable concentrate
Composition: 20% Permethrin
Description: An insecticide used to flies, mosquitos and other mature flying insects.‎

Instructions for the elimination of flies, mosquitos and other mature flying insects: Spray walls and structures with a thin spray  until dripping. 1 liter of solution will cover 20-30 sq.m.


Instructions for use with fogger: Dilute 10-12.5 ml Permethrol with 200 ml thinner and add to solvent to obtain 1000 dunam. Mix the product with diesel oil or with kerosene according to fogger manufacturer's instruction. Follow the fogger manufacturer's instructions carefully and apply fog only when there is no wind.

Do not apply fog in residential areas unless permission has been obtained from the Ministry of Environmental Protection's regional Pest Control Center.


InsectMethodVolume per 10 L waterSolvent% active ingredientNotes
Flies, mosquitos and other flying insectsDirect, low-pressure spraying125 mlWater0.25-
Flies, mosquitoes and other mature flying insectsWarm fog10-12.5 ml Permethrol per 200 ml thinnerDiesel oil, kerosene0.94-0.95For volume of 1000 dunam



Safety precautions when applying fog in residential areas:
The relevant local authority must inform residents of the intention to spray a diesel-based insecticide throughout their neighborhood and to announce its scheduled time. Residents are required to protect themselves from the spray, as follows: Before fogging begins: cover all children toys, clothing and other outdoor equipment or bring them indoors. During fogging: stay inside, shut all windows, doors and other openings, turn off the air conditioners ventilators. People with asthma or respiratory sensitivity must abide by this instruction or remove themselves from the area during fogging. Residents are required to stay inside for 3-4 hours. After fogging: wash any vegetables, fruit, toys, blankets etc. that were exposed to the insecticide with soap and water.

Fogging will be executed only by an exterminator who is qualified to work with products approved for this purpose.

Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD.
Packing: 1 Liter
Misrad Haganat Hasviva: 204
Re-entry: After at least 6 hours.‎
Crawling & Flying Insects
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