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    Livnat Hamamot Super is a unique liquid designed to bleach greenhouses and ‎hothouses used for flowers, vegetables and ground covering plants.‎



    Loven is used to bleach the trunks of trees and prevent sun stroke. The product is ‎highly adhesive and does not affect growth at all. Loven is resistant to sprinkling and ‎rain. ‎


    A unique, highly reflective product that can significantly lower temperatures in ‎greenhouses. The product is based on a high concentration of radiation repellant ‎active substances and so the recommended dosage is especially low. Contrasol is ‎designed for use on polyethylene sheets. It protects the sheet and prolongs its ‎service life by reducing radiation damage and preventing premature wear.‎

For preventing sun stroke in orchards and field crops

Formulation type: Wettable powder
Composition: ‎2.5% Zinc‎
Description: Wett powder for the prevention of sun stroke on orchard and field crops.
CropDosage (kg/dunam or % spray volume)Application timeSpray volume


Tomatoes for industry4 kg3-4 weeks before harvest50
Melon: Pninat Ein Dor, Ha'Ogen, Galia5 kg + 0.5%


Onset of reticulation50
Cotton, unirrigated4%Onset of blossoming50


a. Keet variety

6%-10%1st application – Late April, when diameter of unripe fruit is ~2" (size of an egg;

2nd application – Late May to mid-June;
3rd application – one final application is recommended according to the development of the tree and exposure of the fruit.

As required to cover foliage
b. All other varietiesSee above, except for 3rd application
Avocado6%-10%See Note 2As required to cover foliage
Persimmon4%Two consecutive applications:

 (1) when diameter of unripe fruit is 30-40;

(2) when branches start to bend

Citrus (not fruit-bearing)10% + 0.5% adhesiveDuring growth season upon exposure of branches to direct sun lightAs required to cover foliage



  1. Tomatoes for industry – Spray when the fruit is exposed to sun light due to foliage deterioration as a result of disease and pest damage or dehydration. To achieve good coverage, spray back and forth using half the amount of Yalbin and in half the spray volume.
  2. Tree should be sprayed if they are in one of the following conditions: devoid of foliage during blossoming or after winter, following pruning, trees affected by Verticillium dahliae or by frost or extreme heat and dryness. Add 0.5% adhesive according to need.
Combinations: May be combined with adhesive as specified in the table and notes.‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD.
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: 15 Kg
UN number: Not Classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‏83‏‎/P.P./‎‏1968‏
Re-entry: After spray is dry.‎
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