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    An effective, concentrated liquid designed especially for agricultural use as an ‎additive to any pesticide for the prevention of foaming in spray tanks.‎ Application: The product is designed to be added to foam-forming spray solutions ‎during the preparation, filling and rinsing stages. To prevent foaming, drip Al-Buit ‎into the spray solution until foam breaks.‎

    Dabak is used to prolong the action of fungicides and prevent them from being ‎washed off by rain water or sprinkling.‎
  • TRITON B-1956‎

    Triton B-1956 is an adhesive surfactant used to improve wetting, dispersion and ‎adhesion of pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and nutrients in citrus.‎

    Tapazheal is a tree ointment used to treat lesions caused by pruning and grafting, ‎preventing infection and the penetration of rot-inducing elements.‎

    Repels deer and rabbits in orchards, nurseries, vegetable gardens and in ‎Gladiolas.‎
Formulation type: Liquid Concentrate
Composition: ‎848 g/L Alkaryl polyether alcohols‎
Description: Tap is designed for use as a surfactant to increase the effectiveness of herbicides ‎and MAG-18 in the pre-harvest removal of leaves, by increasing the interface ‎between the spray and the foliage.‎


Purpose and designationRequired dosage
(% spray volume)
As an additive to MAG-18 for pre-harvest removal of leaves in cotton0.5-1 for ground and aerial sprayingMAG-18 dosage, spray volume, etc. as specified on the product's label
To desiccate foliage of pearl onions for pickling2
As an additive to herbicides:

a. Diuron (Diukron, Diurex)

b. Dalapon (Dalspray, Basfapon)

0.5Dosages and spray volumes as specified on the product's label
Neburon and difenzoquat products:

a. Neburex*

b. Avenge

Ground spraying: 0.5

Aerial spraying: 1

Other herbicidesAs specified on the product's label for the addition of surfactants

* Do not use Tap when high temperatures or hot and dry weather are expected shortly after application.

Re-entry into treated areas: As specified on the label of the product to which Tap is added.

Combinations: Always follow manufacturer's instructions for use of product to which Tap is added.‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: ‎1, 5, 10, 25 liters‎
UN number: Not classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‏189‏‎/P.P./‎‏1974‏
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