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    An effective, concentrated liquid designed especially for agricultural use as an ‎additive to any pesticide for the prevention of foaming in spray tanks.‎ Application: The product is designed to be added to foam-forming spray solutions ‎during the preparation, filling and rinsing stages. To prevent foaming, drip Al-Buit ‎into the spray solution until foam breaks.‎

    Dabak is used to prolong the action of fungicides and prevent them from being ‎washed off by rain water or sprinkling.‎
  • TRITON B-1956‎

    Triton B-1956 is an adhesive surfactant used to improve wetting, dispersion and ‎adhesion of pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and nutrients in citrus.‎
  • TAP

    Tap is designed for use as a surfactant to increase the effectiveness of herbicides ‎and MAG-18 in the pre-harvest removal of leaves, by increasing the interface ‎between the spray and the foliage.‎

    Tapazheal is a tree ointment used to treat lesions caused by pruning and grafting, ‎preventing infection and the penetration of rot-inducing elements.‎
Formulation type: Wettable powder
Composition: ‎80% Thiram (TMTD)‎
Description: Repels deer and rabbits in orchards, nurseries, vegetable gardens and in ‎Gladiolas.‎

(g/L water)

Adhesive surfactant

(ml/L water)

Max. permitted residue (mg/kg)Notes
Orchards*, spray15030-Spray foliage and trunk up to height reached by animals. Repeat occasionally in summer and spray new growth that occurred since last application. When spraying: spray volume will be as required to attain coverage of foliage
Orchards*, smearing40080-
Vegetables, spray80-100253Apply only to young plants, before fruit appears

Spray volume:

20 L/dunam

Gladiolas, spray8025-Spray volume:

30 L/dunam

* Do not spray directly on fruit.

_SacanotLasviva: Toxic for fish.‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: 5 Kg
UN number: 3077
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎2‎‏89‏‎/P.P./1969‎
Re-entry: After 24 hours.‎
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