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    An effective, concentrated liquid designed especially for agricultural use as an ‎additive to any pesticide for the prevention of foaming in spray tanks.‎ Application: The product is designed to be added to foam-forming spray solutions ‎during the preparation, filling and rinsing stages. To prevent foaming, drip Al-Buit ‎into the spray solution until foam breaks.‎

    Dabak is used to prolong the action of fungicides and prevent them from being ‎washed off by rain water or sprinkling.‎
  • TRITON B-1956‎

    Triton B-1956 is an adhesive surfactant used to improve wetting, dispersion and ‎adhesion of pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and nutrients in citrus.‎
  • TAP

    Tap is designed for use as a surfactant to increase the effectiveness of herbicides ‎and MAG-18 in the pre-harvest removal of leaves, by increasing the interface ‎between the spray and the foliage.‎

    Repels deer and rabbits in orchards, nurseries, vegetable gardens and in ‎Gladiolas.‎

Approved for use in organic agriculture

Formulation type: Paste.
Composition: 60% Asphalt emulsion
Description: Tapazheal is a tree ointment used to treat lesions caused by pruning and grafting, ‎preventing infection and the penetration of rot-inducing elements.‎

Apply Tapazheal on the pruning lesions or breakage area using a brush, making sure lesions are fully covered.
Avoid applying on dry lesions, which should preferably be reopened, followed by the application of Tapazheal.
To prevent the product from drying out, keep container well closed and in a shaded place. If hardened, dilute paste with up to 10% water.
Do not dilute with any other substance.

Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Industries LTD..
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: ‎1, 4, 15 liters‎
UN number: Not classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‏38‏‎/P.P./1968‎
Re-entry: Immediately.‎
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