TRITON B-1956‎

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Formulation type: Liquid concentrate
Composition: ‎77% Phthalic glycerol alkyld resins
Description: Triton B-1956 is an adhesive surfactant used to improve wetting, dispersion and ‎adhesion of pesticides, fungicides, growth regulators, and nutrients in citrus.‎

Application: 0.015%-0.025% from spray volume (15-25 ml Triton B-1956 per 100 L spray).

Preparation: Mix the required amount of Triton B-1956 with water until a uniform emulsion is obtained. Add the emulsion to an almost full spray tank.

Re-entry into treated areas: As specified on the label of the product to which Triton B-1956.

Manufacturer: Tapazol
Export: הדרים (קומקווט, לימקווט, ליים);
Toxicty degree: Hazardous (IV)‎
Packing: ‎1, 5 liters‎
UN number: Not classified
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎6‎‏89‏‎/P.P./‎‏1978‏
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