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    Atlas is an insecticide of the synthetic pyrethroid group used to control a variety of ‎pest of various crops. The product acts as a stomach and contact toxicity with a ‎damaging effect on the insect's nervous system. Atlas doesn't have systemic ‎action.‎

    Biomectin is used to control a variety of insects:‎‏ ‏Leaf mining flies (Liriomyza), ‎Thysanoptera, Psylla pyricola,‎‏ ‏and mites. The active ingredient, Abamectin, which is ‎a natural product of soil microorganisms, is uptaken by the plant tissues and moves ‎within them via translaminar motion. The product acts mainly through contact and the ‎digestive tract although its toxicity is relatively low. Abamectin affects the insect's ‎nervous system. Shortly after exposure, the insects become immob

    Kodkod is a systemic product from the chloronicotinoid family and is used to control ‎various insects. The product has contact activity but is also efficacious when ‎ingested.‎

    Thiodol is an organo-chlorine insecticide with a wide range of action on a variety of ‎field crop pests. The product has contact activity but is also efficacious when ‎ingested‎.
  • CYTRON ‎

    Cytron is an insecticide of the synthetic pyrethroid family. It has an extended activity. ‎Cytron has contact activity but is also efficaceous when ingested.‎

    Laguna is a white oil used to control orchard insects in their early stages of ‎development, especially the young stages of protected and soft aphids. The oil ‎creates a continuous film that covers the insect and causes suffocation. The product ‎is also used to remove Sooty mold ‎ resulting from the activity of various insects: the ‎oil absorbs the Sooty mold from the leaves‎. Rain that falls after application ‎enhances the removal of the Sooty mold ‎ from the fruit.‎
  • PHOENIX 250‎

    Phoenix ‎ 250 is an insecticide of the thiourea group. The product has contact ‎activity but is also efficacious when ingested.‎ ‎. The product is used in the control of both the Larva and adult stages of Bemisia ‎tabaci, spider mites, Phyllocopturuta oleivora and Polyphagotarsonemus latus.‎
  • PHOENIX 500‎

    Phoenix 500 is a thiourea insecticide that acts has contact activity but is also ‎efficacious when ingested. The product is used mainly in the control of various ‎stages of Bemisia tabaci, effectively eliminating both the larva and adult stages of ‎the fly.‎

    Triggon is an insect growth regulator type insecticide that acts like a youth hormone. ‎The product is used to control various stages of Bemisia tabaci, soft aphids and ‎armored scales.‎

    Tropper is a systemic product that acts as a growth regulator of Liriomyza trifolii ‎larvae. The product, which is sprayed on the plants' foliage, is uptaken by the ‎larva, inhibiting the ecdysis process and preventing pupation. The younger the ‎larvae, the higher their sensitivity to the product. Results are seen in the field ‎about one week after spraying. Does not affect adult flies‎

    Shunit is an insect growth regulator designed to control insects in various crops. The ‎product prevents the production of chitin in the insect's body, leading to an ‎interruption in the sloughing process. As a result, larvae die during sloughing or ‎shortly after. The product can also acts as an egg pesticide.‎
  • ‏ ‏PERFECT

    Perfect is effective in the control of insects and mites in Variety of crops. The ‎active ingredient, Emamectin benzoate, is a product of the biological activity of soil ‎microorganisms. The product is absorbed by the plants' tissues, and the residues ‎that are not incorporated into the tissues decompose within several hours. The ‎active ingredient is transported from the plant tissues to the pest, mainly via their ‎digestive system leading to loss of ability to eat and mortality within 2-5 day
Formulation type: Soluble concentrate
Composition: ‎200 g/L Acetamiprid
Description: Mefisto is a systemic preparation of the chloronicotinyl group intended for use as a ‎general insecticide. The preparation acts as a stomach and contact toxin and is ‎relatively mildly toxic to warm-blooded organisms. ‎
CropInsectDosage (ml/dunam)


Spray volume (L/dunam)NotesLast spray date (days before picking)
Citrus**Phyllocnistis citrella0.025%

(25ml/100L water)

Full wettingTrees should be sprayed upon first appearance of moth larvae on leaves.120
California red scale0.025%

(25ml/100L water)

300-400 using blowerTrees should be sprayed when first afflicted in spring – early summer.
Aphis spiraecola, Aphis gossypii0.015%

(15ml/100L water)

Full wetting-
AppleAphis pomi0.05%

(50ml/100L water)

150-200 according to tree size-45
Aphis pomi, Edwardsiana rosae0.02%

(20ml/100L water)

PearAphis pomi0.02%

(20ml/100L water)

ApricotBark beetle0.02%

(20ml/100L water)

100-150 according to tree size-30
PersimmonEmpoasca lybica0.025%

(25ml/100L water)

120-250 according to tree size-25
PomegranateAphis gossypii, Empoasca lybica0.02%

(20ml/100L water)

100-150 according to tree size-15
Watermelon, cucumberAphis gossypii2030-50 according to plant size-7
Pepper, melon, watermelon, tomato, cucumber, zucchiniBemisia tabaci3030-50 according to plant size-7
GrapevineEmpoasca lybica0.02%

(20ml/100L water)

100-150 according to vine size-45
Peach, nectarineEmpoasca lybica0.04%

(40ml/100L water)

100-150 according to tree sizeSpraying Mefisto may in some cases encourage proliferation of mites if present in orchard.30
Flowers*: Hypericum, Rose, Solidago, Chrysanthe-mum, Aster, Gypsophila, LisianthusAphis gossypii



Bemisia tabaci

3030-60See note **-

(30 ml/100 L water)

Min. 100

(Full wetting)

* Flower varieties: Hypericum – Pinky Flair; Rose – Lovely Red,  New Fashion; Solidago – Terra and Golden Glory; Chrysanthemum – Snowdon; Aster – Casablanca; Gypsophila – King; Lisianthus – White Claw .

** Mefisto affects Rodolia cardinalis which predates on Icerya purchasi and so its use may bring about an outburst of this insect.


Note: Prevent the development of resistance by alternating spraying of Mefisto and other preparations with different action mechanisms.

Manufacturer: tapazol
Toxicty degree: III (Hazardous to health)‎
Packing: ‎1, 5, 10 liters‎
UN number: ‎2902‎
Registr no. at PPIS: ‎4062/P.P./2011‎
Re-entry: After spray dries.‎
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