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    Atlas is an insecticide of the synthetic pyrethroid group used to control a variety of ‎pest of various crops. The product acts as a stomach and contact toxicity with a ‎damaging effect on the insect's nervous system. Atlas doesn't have systemic ‎action.‎

    Biomectin is used to control a variety of insects:‎‏ ‏Leaf mining flies (Liriomyza), ‎Thysanoptera, Psylla pyricola,‎‏ ‏and mites. The active ingredient, Abamectin, which is ‎a natural product of soil microorganisms, is uptaken by the plant tissues and moves ‎within them via translaminar motion. The product acts mainly through contact and the ‎digestive tract although its toxicity is relatively low. Abamectin affects the insect's ‎nervous system. Shortly after exposure, the insects become immob

    Kodkod is a systemic product from the chloronicotinoid family and is used to control ‎various insects. The product has contact activity but is also efficacious when ‎ingested.‎

    Mefisto is a systemic preparation of the chloronicotinyl group intended for use as a ‎general insecticide. The preparation acts as a stomach and contact toxin and is ‎relatively mildly toxic to warm-blooded organisms. ‎
  • CYTRON ‎

    Cytron is an insecticide of the synthetic pyrethroid family. It has an extended activity. ‎Cytron has contact activity but is also efficaceous when ingested.‎

    Laguna is a white oil used to control orchard insects in their early stages of ‎development, especially the young stages of protected and soft aphids. The oil ‎creates a continuous film that covers the insect and causes suffocation. The product ‎is also used to remove Sooty mold ‎ resulting from the activity of various insects: the ‎oil absorbs the Sooty mold from the leaves‎. Rain that falls after application ‎enhances the removal of the Sooty mold ‎ from the fruit.‎
  • PHOENIX 250‎

    Phoenix ‎ 250 is an insecticide of the thiourea group. The product has contact ‎activity but is also efficacious when ingested.‎ ‎. The product is used in the control of both the Larva and adult stages of Bemisia ‎tabaci, spider mites, Phyllocopturuta oleivora and Polyphagotarsonemus latus.‎
  • PHOENIX 500‎

    Phoenix 500 is a thiourea insecticide that acts has contact activity but is also ‎efficacious when ingested. The product is used mainly in the control of various ‎stages of Bemisia tabaci, effectively eliminating both the larva and adult stages of ‎the fly.‎

    Triggon is an insect growth regulator type insecticide that acts like a youth hormone. ‎The product is used to control various stages of Bemisia tabaci, soft aphids and ‎armored scales.‎

    Tropper is a systemic product that acts as a growth regulator of Liriomyza trifolii ‎larvae. The product, which is sprayed on the plants' foliage, is uptaken by the ‎larva, inhibiting the ecdysis process and preventing pupation. The younger the ‎larvae, the higher their sensitivity to the product. Results are seen in the field ‎about one week after spraying. Does not affect adult flies‎

    Shunit is an insect growth regulator designed to control insects in various crops. The ‎product prevents the production of chitin in the insect's body, leading to an ‎interruption in the sloughing process. As a result, larvae die during sloughing or ‎shortly after. The product can also acts as an egg pesticide.‎
  • ‏ ‏PERFECT

    Perfect is effective in the control of insects and mites in Variety of crops. The ‎active ingredient, Emamectin benzoate, is a product of the biological activity of soil ‎microorganisms. The product is absorbed by the plants' tissues, and the residues ‎that are not incorporated into the tissues decompose within several hours. The ‎active ingredient is transported from the plant tissues to the pest, mainly via their ‎digestive system leading to loss of ability to eat and mortality within 2-5 day
Formulation type: EC
Composition: ‎350 g/L Endosulfan ‎
Description: Thiodol is an organo-chlorine insecticide with a wide range of action on a variety of ‎field crop pests. The product has contact activity but is also efficacious when ‎ingested‎.
CropInsectDosage (ml/dunam)PHI (days before harvest)Notes
CottonAgrotis400At beginning of cultivationAlso eliminates Trips tabaci
 Spodoptera exigua200-
 Helicoverpa armigera, Earias insulana, Auchenorrhyncha, Bemisia tabaci, aphids.200-400*-*According to size of larvae
 Pectinophora gossypiella300  
ArtichokeAphids, Vanessa cardui3007 
Sweet cornAgrotis300At beginning of cultivation 
 Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera exigua300Up to 30 days after emerging. 
 Agrotis400Up to 30 days after emerging. 
 Phyllotreta cruciferae150 
TomatoAgrotis4002* According to size of caterpillar
 Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera exigua, aphids250-400* 


Cole family vegetablesAgrotis400Up to 45 days after sowing-
 Soil fleas, Hellula undalis2007 
 Helicoverpa armigera, aphids, Trips tabaci.300  


Note: Leaf deformations may appear in hothouse crops on hot days (over 28˚C inside the hothouse).

Combinations: May be combined with most insecticides except products with an alkali (basic) ‎reaction, such as Bordeaux mixture and calcium polysulfide
_Azharot: Flammable.‎
_SacanotLasviva: Very toxic to fish.‎
Manufacturer: Tapazol Chemical Products LTD
Export: Sweet Corn
Toxicty degree: Toxic (II)‎
Packing: ‎1, 5, 10, 20, 25 liters
UN number: ‎2995‎
Registr no. at PPIS: ‏1320‏‎/P.P./1994‎
Re-entry: After 3 days.‎
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